Temperatures are falling fast here in Burnsville, and it’s not even officially winter yet! Soon, your heating system will be put to the test and snow will somehow find its way into the house. Fortunately, we have a simple solution to help make it all a little easier: carpet! You may be thinking that carpet is the worst kind of flooring to have during the season when kids are tracking in snow every chance they get. However, purchasing the RIGHT kind of carpet can actually prove more beneficial than many hard surface options. How so?

It Doesn’t Warp During Temperature Changes

Many hard surface flooring options (especially solid hardwood) have a tendency to expand and contract during drastic temperature changes, such as those that Burnsville experiences during winter. As a result, your hard surface flooring may warp or buckle during the coldest months. Even worse, those shifts can sometimes damage your home even beyond its flooring. Fortunately, this is never a problem for carpet.

Stain Resistant, Durable and Waterproof Design

The ice, dirt and oils left behind by snow can scuff, scratch and stain some hard surfaces. The damage may not be very visible day to day, but by the end of the season, it becomes much more noticeable – and more difficult to repair.

Modern carpet overcomes this challenge on three levels. First, nylon carpet (and especially Anso Nylon) is designed to resist crushing for the long-term, even in high-traffic areas. So where hard surface would be scuffed or scratched, nylon carpet has no noticeable changes in shape or appearance.

Second, many modern carpet fibers (again, especially among nylon selections) are designed to completely repel both moisture and stains. In other words, spills, dirt and tracked snow won’t soak into the fibers – making them much easier to wipe away.

Finally, the backing used on many selections of carpet is now designed to be completely waterproof. Some solid hardwood and even stone flooring can actually absorb water, causing even more expansion and, over time, damage. With a waterproof backing, moisture is kept just above the surface, preventing it from soaking through to the subfloor. So, no moisture absorption to cause expansion within your flooring or trapped moisture to cause mildew underneath.

Decreased Energy Bills

Carpet is proven to help improve your home’s insulation. During our frigid months, this means that your house remains warmer, the HVAC runs a little less and your energy bills go down.

More Comfort

Have you ever rolled out of bed during winter and stepped down barefoot onto a hard surface? The experience isn’t pleasant, and it can happen during colder even when your heater is keeping the rest of the house warm. Carpet is naturally warmer and much more comfortable to walk on.

Tip: for even more comfort and energy savings, consider installing a memory foam cushion for your carpet.

Learn More

To learn more about the benefits of carpet, or to browse the many styles and selections available, visit your local flooring gurus at CarpetsPlus of Burnsville today!

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