Burnsville is a place for aficionados of art and fashion. So when we see new trends emerging – especially those built on timeless styles – we think it’s a good idea to take note. And since flooring is our specialty, we’re taking a quick look at the latest trends of hardwood flooring.

While hardwood flooring has been around for ages, a few new updates in style and innovation merit a new, contemporary look at a traditional favorite.

Trending Hardwood Flooring Styles

Oddly enough, even as the reclaimed wood craze seems to be on its way out otherwise, it still remains a popular choice for flooring. Its continued success stems from an edgy appearance, devotion to our environment and ability to compliment the vintage with a modern twist. It takes the ever-popular tan panels and adds a new, bold character.

But it’s not just the traditional shades of tan that are making waves: grey, beige and brown tones are also trending. This may initially sound dull, but there are actually a variety of tonal, pattern and even color combinations available in this set. Even better, many of them serve as excellent base colors to help set the style of your room as a whole. Just take a look at our Grizzly Bay line as an example.

Of course, if you still love the look of traditional hardwood flooring, it isn’t exactly going anywhere either. In fact, we’re seeing stylists increasingly look to natural aesthetics. And while they’re trying to infuse natural tones with the other styles mentioned, no one would blame you for using soft, cooler colors and tones that more closely reflect the genuine natural aesthetics.

Hardwood Flooring Innovations

Contemporary hardwood isn’t just about style. We’re now focusing on new innovations that have propelled the performance of hardwood floors in recent years. Here are a few:

  • Durashield Finish – A finish applied during manufacturing that improves durability and eliminates the need for waxing.
  • Greenguard – An industry standard certifying a hardwood flooring choice as promoting indoor air quality.
  • 5-ply structure – An engineering process that enhances durability and stability.

Speaking of that GreenGuard certification, we’re also finding new ways to hardwood more friendly to both the environment and your home’s air quality. It’s another trend that’s taking off, and one that we hope is here to stay. Reclaimed wood makes another appearance here, as it’s often used to manufacture new flooring from the leftovers of the manufacturing process from previous floors. And hardwood selections with the Greenguard certification, such as our Waterrock Knob line, are also proven to reduce emissions in the air both during and after manufacturing.

Hardwood is also easier to install than ever before. Most panels now click and snap into place, making installation as easy as a jigsaw puzzle – except you’ll already know where each piece is going. Some hardwood floors can even be installed over your existing flooring.

Keep up to Date on Hardwood Flooring

To learn more about the latest styles and innovations in hardwood flooring, come visit Minnesota’s floor fashion leaders at CarpetsPlus of Burnsville!



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