Last year, Minnesota endured one of its worst (and longest) allergy seasons in recent memory. So as spring returns to Burnsville, many of us are taking preparations to avoid last year’s misery – and we’re searching for relief anywhere we can find it. And as we look to the air quality of our homes, one culprit tends to stand above the rest: carpet flooring. Indeed, carpet has received a pretty negative reputation among those suffering from allergies and asthma.

However, this blame is actually misplaced. In fact, carpet flooring even has the potential to help allergy sufferers. Here, we’ll explore the truth about carpet and its impact on your home’s air quality.

Air Filtration

When maintained properly, carpet can actually help clean and improve your home’s air quality. When dust and allergens inevitably settle, they become trapped underneath your carpet’s fibers. Unlike hard surface flooring, the draft from foot traffic won’t kick allergens back into the air. Just remember to clean your carpets regularly.

Proper Cleaning

Of course, if these particles begin to build up in your carpet, that could result in other health concerns (mold and dust mites, for example). To prevent this, be sure to vacuum your carpet at least once per week. To prevent allergens from reentering your home’s air, use a HEPA filter with your vacuum.

Eventually, your carpet will need to be professionally cleaned. Manufacturers typically recommend once every 18 months, although this can vary greatly depending on both the specific carpet used and the floor’s exposure to dirt. For particularly sensitive allergies, it may be best to have carpets professionally cleaned each spring.

Carpet Innovations

While dust may be trapped in your carpet’s fibers, that doesn’t mean that it has to become embedded. In fact, there are a variety of carpet selections that have been engineered to prevent dirt, spores and even stains from becoming embedded into the carpet’s fabric. Many selections are also designed to resist pet stains and dander, which is especially helpful when pets come rushing in after a day of playing on the lawn. Carpet lines like Baily I & II, Otis and Tucker (among many others) release dirt, dust and spores during vacuuming much easier than traditional selections.

Expert Carpet Advice

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